Neighborhood Zen

Morning and Evening Zazen and Dharma Study
practicing in the tradition of San Francisco Zen Center


Meeting in Greenfield
led by Catherine Gammon

We continue to adapt our schedule to coronavirus conditions. We have added several small in-person sittings and a weekly sitting at Stillpoint in Lawrenceville. For more information or to arrange to join us, please use the Contact page.

Catherine Gammon is a Soto Zen priest, ordained in 2005 by Tenshin Reb Anderson Roshi in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki. Before beginning residential Zen training at San Francisco Zen Center’s Tassajara and Green Gulch Farm, Catherine served on the MFA faculty of the University of Pittsburgh. Her novel China Blue won the 2020 Bridge Eight Fiction Prize and was published in 2021 by Bridge Eight Press. Her novel Sorrow (Braddock Avenue Books, 2013) was a finalist for the Northern California Book Award. Her novel Isabel Out of the Rain was published by Mercury House in 1991, and her shorter fiction has appeared in literary journals for many years. Since serving as Shuso (head student) at Green Dragon Temple/Green Gulch Farm in 2010, Catherine has led retreats and given teachings in Zen and writing in the U.K., in Brooklyn, in Pittsburgh, in Massachusetts, and at SFZC’s Green Gulch Farm Zen Center. She lives again in Pittsburgh.

Neighborhood Zen, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Current Schedule

For more information or to arrange to attend,
please email Catherine via the Contact page.

(More information about Catherine can be found here.)

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